Kid Tripp  


The much loved iOS game Kid Tripp by Michael Burns is finally making its way to the Nintendo 3DS and Switch eShops.

Miles has crash landed on a mysterious island and the local inhabitants are not happy about it. Run, jump, stomp and smash your way through 20 levels of non stop frantic action to escape from the island as fast as you can.

Lovingly converted by hand from the iOS source, these new versions are pixel perfect recreations of the original game with all the original levels and gameplay elements.

New control schemes makes the game more accessible to casual players but the original two button hardcore controls are available for those who want more of a challenge.

All the achievements from the iOS version have been retained in the form of Challenges with a new unique challenge added just for players of these new versions.


  • Four themed worlds - jungle, caves, arctic and volcano
  • Stereoscopic 3D layering on Nintendo 3DS hardware
  • Beautiful retro graphics
  • Music by Chris Kukla
  • 60fps smooth action on all hardware
  • Original Nintedo 3DS and 2DS models supported
  • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese languages are supported in game and in the included electronic manual.

Nintendo 3DS Screens

The 3D effect can only be seen when using a Nintendo 3DS system. These screenshots are in 2D. Click an image to view in 3D on the 3DS Internet Browser.
Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3   Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5   Screenshot 6

Screenshot 7   Screenshot 8 Screenshot 9   Screenshot 10

Screenshot 11   Screenshot 12


Launch Trailer

Coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in America and Europe on July 27th 2017, on August 30th in Japan and on November 23rd worldwide to the Nintendo Switch eShop.